Electric Grill, Indoor and Outdoor use, Adjustable Temperature Regulator, Removable drip Tray and Spice Rack, Indoor Smoke-Free Electric Grill, Fast Heating and Easy to Clean

It is entertaining and suitable for sharing; whether it is a steak date night, a burger with friends or a vegetarian breakfast, a smoke-free barbecue grill can meet all your needs


This Lightweight Electric BBQ Grill Let You Barbecue Indoors! The Cool Touch Handles And Housing Helps You Easily Shift The Device From Counter Top To Table And Then Back To Sink For Easy Cleaning.


  • No carbon means no smoke, no fire Now, you will fall in love with clean, convenient, smoke-free barbecue, bringing you an exciting and delicious indoor barbecue experience
  • High power—selected stainless steel heating tube, stable performance, good quality, rapid and uniform heating
  • Multi-stage temperature adjustment of temperature control, using intelligent constant temperature system to adjust temperature more accurately, and automatically cut off the power when overcurrent and overheating
  • Easy to clean, independently designed oven, removable and easy to clean
  • Perfect barbecue perfect gift, suitable for barbecue, family, picnic, camping, terrace, indoor, outdoor party, travel, vacation, park, garden, beach with friends and family


. Detachable heating element
. Detachable 3 heights adjustable grill wire (fast grilling, grilling, and warm keeping.
. Cool touch handles
. Special decorative coated steel housing
. Pratical ON/OFF switch.


Rated power 2000W
Suitable for 1-8 people
Rated voltage 220V
Frequency 50HZ


1. Before use, please pour water into the oil pan. The height of the water exceeds the oil pan, but do not touch the heating tube
2. When you turn on the heating tube for the first time, there will be slight odor and smoke. Non-stick coatings are curing, which is normal. The taste will disappear after a few minutes, please feel free to use
3. The whole body can be cleaned (except the power box, everything else can be cleaned)
4. The electric oven itself is smoke-free. When sprinkling some seasoning or oil on the meat, the oil will produce a small amount of oily smoke on the heating tube. Or seasoning drops. This is a normal phenomenon, to avoid heating the tube when soot is scattered from the spices

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